Do you want to enrol in your thesis or final year project?

This page outlines the difference between each course code, how to select a project and how to enrol.

The information below is a guide only. Students must refer to the relevant Course Profile for further information.

3. How to select a design project

Group design projects offered under the course code ENGG4552, are an alternative to completing a final year thesis for students in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, or Mechanical and Materials Engineering. In these projects, as a team of 4-8 students, you will be required to design and test a prototype system to meet an engineering brief provided by one of our industry partners. Compared to an individual thesis, the projects are larger in scope and there is a stronger focus on the design, construction and testing of a final prototype. 

Selection of a design project can be done in two ways:

  1. The School publishes a list of available design projects on the database available at Contact the ENGG4552 course coordinator to gain support to take on the project. Please note that projects will be added to this database as they are confirmed prior to the commencement of the Semester. Projects will otherwise be available in Week 1 of Semester.
  2. A group of students may propose their own group design project. The students are required to present their proposed topic to the Course Coordinator for discussion. The final decision on whether the student may do the project is up to the Course Coordinator.

The ENGG4552 course is structured based on a typical engineering design project, consisting of function requirement capture, background research to identify prior art, design review, functional evaluation, and engineering documentation. To achieve these goals, you will be mentored both by a UQ academic and a stakeholder/mentor from the project industry partner. 

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Guidelines regarding expectations of students and duties of thesis advisor

The guidelines cover the most common form of a thesis for an undergraduate and coursework masters student.

Download guidelines (PDF, 577KB)