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Centre for Multiscale Energy Systems

Few global challenges are more pressing than moving from 20th century energy technology to 21st century energy systems. Energy systems across all sectors need to sustainably shift from carbon intensive fossil fuels to renewable resources.

Research in the Centre for Multiscale Energy Systems is addressing the technical analysis required to support this energy transition. Our advanced modelling of complex systems examines both specific technologies and overall energy performance to provide a robust, technically sound, and clear picture of our energy choices today and in the future. Additionally, the Centre for Multiscale Energy Systems is also focused on the analysis of the environmental impact of energy generation from a systems perspective, as well as introducing emerging technologies aimed at reducing this impact.

Driven by our strong collaborations within UQ and around the world, our research looks into everything from renewable hydrogen production, transport, storage and use, to design and systems analysis, and Australia’s role in the world’s power generation.

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Centre Director
Dr Alexander Klimenko

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Hydrogen production
Renewable hydrogen production by electrolysis
Partially renewable production of hydrogen from other sources
Carbon-controlled production of hydrogen
Hydrogen separation and molecular dynamics
Hydrogen transport, storage and use
Design and systems analysis of hydrogen networks
Hydrogen pipelines and embrittlement
Hydrogen storage in geological formations and in advanced materials
Transition from natural gas to hydrogen
Hydrogen combustion and utilisation
Technological change and energy systems
Technological change and transition to hydrogen economy
General systems modelling and network analysis
Power-generation cycles in changing technological conditions
Australian role in the world’s power generation

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