Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and actively encourage inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives to foster creativity and innovation. 

The School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering celebrates diversity and actively encourages the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives, to foster creativity and innovation. We do this through our robust Women in Engineering Program, interactive high school workshops, providing opportunities to upskill female-identifying students, and supporting our women researchers.

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Future students

We have initiatives to ensure we're working towards attracting a more diverse and equitable student cohort.

Women in Engineering program

The UQ Women in Engineering program is industry funded by the following program partners who are committed to increasing diversity in Engineering: Rio Tinto, Anglo American, API, Energy QLD, Powerlink, Sandvik, EOS.

Our industry partners are involved in guiding the strategic direction of the program as we work towards our goal of 30 per cent commencing female participation in Engineering at UQ by 2023. We had a record 27 per cent proportion of women commencing Engineering in 2021, an increase from 20 per cent before the dedicated program started in 2013.  

Women in Engineering offers industry speaking opportunities at schools and direct access to prospective students to our program partners who are predominately from the Resources industry with Mining and Mechanical Engineering guests. 

female enrolment graph


The activities we offer High Schools are inclusive of everyone and showcase the diverse areas of engineering.

A hands-on activity workshop where students assemble a 3D printed prosthetic limb and learn about Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering.
A hands-on workshop activity where students build a rocket to launch and learn about Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
A hands-on workshop activity where students design model wind turbines and learn about the different Engineering specialisations that can lead them to a career in the Energy sector.

Supporting our students

Our student experience is all about diversity, inclusion, discovery, innovation, and opportunity.

Skill levelling workshops
The School has established an initiative to support student groups to run skill levelling workshops to ensure equity amongst students when competing for a variety of team roles.
Ventures LeadHers
LeadHers is a program for all female-identifying students, staff and alumni across all disciplines at UQ. Its aim is to grow leadership capabilities, develop connections and build confidence in participants. It also includes mentoring sessions.
Women in Mechanical Engineering forum
We have created a channel to hear from our undergraduate students to ensure we have an open and supportive community where everyone has an equal voice.

Supporting our researchers

We recognise the importance of having a diverse and inclusive research community within our School.

Supporting research
We are committed to supporting our women academics to advance their careers by providing meaningful support that includes Parental Research Support Grants, flexible working arrangements, and striving to ensure equity in the workplace.
Developing leaders
We recognise the importance of developing future leaders and ensuring experiences in key roles.
Women academic network
We have created a supportive environment for all women across the Faculty through our women academic network. Our goal is to build a sustainable network, where members can share knowledge and experiences, to enable and encourage the development, leadership, mentoring and advancement of women.