Bremhorst lectures

These lectures are named in honour of Professor Klaus Bremhorst, AM and are delivered by distinguished speakers   

  • 2023 - Mr Peter Goggin 
  • 2022 - Prof. Stephen Lyth             
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Annual Centre Awards

These awards are delivered in two categories staff and  students for excellence in research and active  participation in the centre

  • 2022 Early Career Researcher Award: Dr Travis Mitchell
  • 2022 Student Excellence Award: Matt Kraizer 
  • 2023 Early Career Researcher Award: Dr Jeffrey Venezeula
  • 2023 Student Excellence Award: Ryota Okajima
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The Centre Seminar Series

2022 presenters 

  • Archie Chapman
  • Vipul Raj
  • Alex Klimenko
  • Tan Thanh Nhan Phan
  • Shiqi Hao
  • Matthew Kratzer

2023 presenters

  • Dr. Javad Vashahri Ghamsari
  • Ms. Emily Cooper
  • Dr. Josh (Zhenkai) Bo
  • Mr. Cunhan Zhang
  • Mr. Ryota Okajima
  • Dr. Ruth Knibbe 
  • Mr. Nicholas Maurer 
  • Dr. Jeffery Venezuela 
  • A/Prof. Simon Smart 
  • Mr. Hao Li
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