How a successful rocket test unveiled a new era in hypersonics

9 May 2022

The month of March will go down in history as a milestone in hypersonic technology research.

Humans have always pushed for more. To be faster, more advanced, and better than they were yesterday.

Now, thanks to an incredible partnership between The University of Queensland, Texas A&M University, CUBRC and T he United States Air Force, a new era in hypersonic flight testing has begun.

On 21 March, the Boundary Layer Turbulence Flight Experiment (BoLT II) rocket was launched from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The flight experiment successfully flew the planned flight path and acquired tremendous scientific data to further Australia and America's understanding of boundary layer transition, turbulent heating, and drag at hypersonic speed.

The successful launch of the two-stage suborbital sounding rocket paved the way for new discoveries in this field, according to those who led the testing.

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