Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) provides advice to the School on the challenges and opportunities across broad sectors of the Australian economy and society with which the School is involved and provides guidance on how the School might address these needs. The Board also provides advice on how the School is progressing broader strategic issues relevant to its teaching and research activities,  researcher development, higher degree research training, industry engagement, and diversity and inclusion among staff and students.   Membership of the  IAB includes three external members, the Chairs of the CASC and RASC and the Head of School.

There are two subcommittees of the IAB: The Curriculum Advisory Subcommittee (CASC) and the Research Advisory Subcommittee (RASC) and the subcommittees report to the IAB via the School’s Teaching and Learning Committee and the School’s Research Committee, respectively.

Curriculum Advisory Subcommittee (CASC)

The Curriculum Advisory Subcommittee (CASC) provides advice to the School on its curriculum offerings in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs.  This includes advice on new majors and fields of study and advice on whether the current programs continue to meet the needs of industry. The CASC membership comprises the Director of Teaching and Learning, Engineering plan leaders, and two industry representatives from the six Plan Curriculum Forums (PCF).

The Plan Curriculum Forums (PCFs) consider the curriculum offerings for specialisations/majors offered by the School to formulate advice specific to that plan. This advice includes the relevance of the curriculum in meeting the needs of industry.  Each engineering plan administered by the School has a PCF which nominates members to sit on the CASC. Each PCF membership includes the Plan Leader, Discipline Leader and 3-5 industry representatives appropriate for the plan. The PCFs are: Aerospace Engineering, Materials Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, and Mining Engineering.

Research Advisory Subcommittee (RASC)

The Research Advisory Subcommittee (RASC) provides advice to the School on research related matters including identification of industry partners and sources of research income. The Research Advisory Subcommittee (RASC) provides detailed advice to the School on its research and its relevance to industry, reporting through the School’s Research Committee. The RASC formulates this advice from advice provided by the Research Centre Forums (RCFs). The RASC membership comprises the Director of Research, the Centre Directors and two industry members from each Research Centre Forum (RCF).

Each of the School’s four research centres has a Research Centre Forum (RCF).  Each RCF includes the Centre Director, the Deputy or Co-Director, additional academic staff and 3-5 industry representatives relevant to the centre. The four research centres are: Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM),  Future Autonomous Systems and Technology (FAST), Centre for Hypersonics (CfH), and Centre for Multiscale Energy Systems (CMES).

The overall structure is available as a diagram.

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