The HDR Final Seminar Program is a School-wide seminar series where graduating HDR students present a 15 minute seminar for all staff and students.

This program allows staff and students to gain insight to the broad research being undertaken in the School.

All students of the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering are welcome to attend. Attending this seminar will give insight into the research activities currently underway through the School.

Seminars are held monthly with the following dates confirmed:

  • Friday 17 April (07-234), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 15 May (50-N201), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 19 June (07-234), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 17 July (07-222), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 21 August (TBA), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 18 September (TBA), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 16 October (TBA), 12–1.30pm
  • Friday 20 November (07-234), 12–1.30pm

This page will be updated as locations are confirmed. 


Tom Parker