Stand-out graduate says there is more to university than following coursework

27 Aug 2021

Recent graduate Sampada Shelar is no stranger to achievement, collecting a slew of accolades during her final year of her studies, including the prestigious award of UQ Future Leader

"It was an honour to be awarded a UQ Future Leader and another tick on my ‘When at UQ’ to-achieve list. My aim was to gain more than just the UQ degree and through this program, I'll get to broaden my network to learn about UQ Alumni working in different sectors." 

The Master of Engineering Science (Management) alumni was also awarded UQ’s Employability Award during her final year while also nabbing the Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence. 

After graduating, Sampada began working alongside Professor Allan Paull, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering and Chair of Future Hypersonic Tecnolo on the anticipated STAje-Flight Program. 

"I started working on STAje- in my final semester while I was working on my Master thesis, under the supervision of Dr Allan Paull. Gauging my increasing interest in the field of Aerospace and Hypersonics, Dr. Paull presented me with the opportunity to apply some of the theoretical findings to the program." 

"My journey so far has been very exciting and intellectually challenging at the same time. Being a researcher, it is this brainwork that I find mentally stimulating. The best part of it all is our team and the work-ethic." 

Amongst her many achievements, Sampada is also an active contributor to the UQ community. She’s participated in UQ Ventures LeadHer program and she’s also been the Secretary for UQ’s International Student Advisory Board.  

"Being an Indian growing up in Libya, I’ve always been respectful of people belonging to a different cultural heritage. I believe there’s more to a university experience than simply following your coursework. Being an international student, I understand the difficulties and reservations that students might have. My aim while Secretary was to create awareness about the plethora of opportunities available on campus that all could benefit from. Getting involved in something you enjoy learning about, helps you ease and gives a sense of satisfaction."  

"My advice to any international students would be to create a list of goals, develop an approach, and have a strong sense of self-determination to follow through whilst leaving your mind open to countless possibilities."