Researcher biography

Dr. Travis Mitchell is a Lecturer at The University of Queensland (UQ). He has a range of research interests covering various areas in computational fluid dynamics, with a particular focus on multiphase lattice Boltzmann methods, blast simulation and optimisation for resource recovery to geomechanics and geospatial data analysis. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from UQ as well as a dual bachelor degree in engineering (honours) and science with an extended major in mechanical engineering and a major in mathematics. His current research focuses include the analysis of bubble dynamics in molten-salt reactors for hydrogen production and multiphase flow in fractured subsurface media for storage and or production purposes.

In 2023 Dr. Mitchell will be teaching into Computational Mechanics (MECH3780), Computational Fluid Dynamics (MECH6480) and the Computational Engineering & Data Analysis (MECH2700) at UQ.