Researcher biography

Dr Qiyang Tan obtained his Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering in 2014 from South China University of Technology, China. In 2018, he was awarded his PhD degree by The University of Queensland.

Dr Qiyang Tan's research expertise are in the additive manufacturing of metals and MAX phases, high-temperature oxidation of metals, alloy development, thin film characterization, mechanical properties of metals, grain refinement and crystallography. Dr Tan has proposed the Oxide Reinforcement Model, a novel oxidation resistance model to understand the protection capability of the surface oxide layers on metals. Recently, Dr Tan involved in the research of additive manufacturing of metallic and ceramic materials. He has successfully applied the E2EM crystallographic model to identify new grain refiners for various additively manufactured materials including Al, Ti, Cu alloys, steels and γ-TiAl intermetallic alloy. Dr Tan's research hopes are to further apply his fundamental research on grain refinement to develop new refiners for ceramic and metallic-ceramic materials and to improve their processability in additive manufacturing. His research outcomes will also offer materials scientists and engineers a totally new way to fabricated advanced materials using additive manufacturing, therefore to significantly promote the wider application of this cutting-edge manufacturing technology.