Researcher biography

Ingo Jahn's research interests are fluid structure interactions (FSI) for hypersonic flows; the design and optimisation of hypersonic vehicles and scramjet engines; turbomachinery (axial and radial) for energy, cooling and propulsion; and modeling of fluid- and thermo-dynamic systems.

Ingo Jahn joined UQ in 2012 as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering within the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering. He obtained a Master of Engineering Degree from the University of Oxford, UK in 2003, which was followed by a DPhil at the Turbomachinery laboratory at the University of Oxford. Between 2007 and 2012 Dr. Jahn was working for Rolls-Royce plc in the United Kingdom as a Specialist in Advanced Seals and as Research Technology Leader for Oil Systems.

Ingo is a member of the Centre for Hypersonics and is engaged with both numerical and experimental research to advance hypersonic flight. Previously Ingo lead turbomachinery research at UQ in support of the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI). Here, his research delivered a prototype design for a sCO2 turbine that is integral to delivering environmentally friendly and low cost electricity to rural communities.

His research interests are:

  • Fluid Structure Interactions in hypersonic flows. Simulation and experimentation
  • Design and optimisation of scramjet engines. Specifically the use of vortices to enhance fuel mixing and fuel trasnport, thus improving overall combustion efficiency.
  • Computational Design engineering. The development of automated design tools to imporve the vehicle design and subsystem integration in hypersonic vehicles.
  • Design, testing and optimisation of radial and axial inflow turbines for small and medium applications.
  • Power conversion system for concentrated solar thermal and waste heat recovery applications.

Areas of research