Researcher biography

Dr Onederra is an Associate Professor at The School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering of the University of Queensland and an internationally recognised expert in explosives and advanced blasting engineering. Dr Onederra holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with Honours from the University of Melbourne, Masters of Engineering Science and PhD from the University of Queensland. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of explosives engineering, blast design & analysis, performance monitoring and process optimisation. He has been actively involved in R&D and expert consulting in several mining operations and associated clients in Australia, South America, Africa and Europe. Dr Onederra has been actively engaged with industry through a wide network of contacts in Australia and Overseas, particularly Latin America given his background and ability to communicate in Spanish at the corporate, technical and operational levels.

Over the years Dr Onederra has been recognised for contributions in blast performance monitoring, applied modelling and process optimisation. He has developed predictive fragmentation modelling tools that have been successfully embedded in commercial software that is now used by industry in over 60 countries. He has a strong record of publications in international conferences and top-rated mining engineering journals. In 2014 he was awarded the Douglas Hay Medal from the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (UK) for the best journal publication contributing to the further understanding of confined blasting techniques such as preconditioning and de-stressing.

Recently Dr Onederra established a research group that is leading the development of novel explosives that can eliminate hazardous nitrogen oxide fumes. The development of this technology has been supported by industry and recognised as one that could potentially disrupt the well-established ammonium nitrate based industry. The application of this new technology is expected to span across mining and civil construction industries.