Researcher biography

Prof Morgan was the Director of the Centre for Hypersonics since its inception in 1997 until October 2021. He lectures in mechanical and aerospace engineering within the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering.

He has a strong research record in the development of hypervelocity impulsive facilities on which the UQ Centre for Hypersonics research program is based, including the 'X' series of super-orbital expansion tubes, and has extensive experience in hypersonic aero-thermo-dynamics and scramjet propulsion.

Richard Morgan has been developing superorbital ground based facilities for many years, and has collaborative research program with DSTG, NASA, ESA, Oxford University, Ecole Centrale (Paris) and AOARD in radiating flows, as well as continuing ARC support in this area since 1990, including two current ARC Discovery grants in partnership with European and American partners.

He was involved as a flight team member in the 2010 airborne observation of the Japanese 'Hayabusa' asteroid sample return mission, for which he was a co-recipient of the NASA Ames 'honour' award for 2010. He regularly gives invited talks in international meetings, and gave a plenary presentation to the AIAA Hypersonic Spaceplanes Conference in San Francisco in April 2011.

Professor Richard Morgan was awarded a 2012 UQ Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision award for encouraging student development through international student exchanges with overseas collaborators, whilst engendering internal cooperation within the study body.

Areas of research