Researcher biography

Professor St John's research is focused on solidification thechnology with particular interest in grain refinement and the formation of defects in castings of Al, Mg and Ti alloys. He has over 300 publications in journals and conference proceedings has been awarded the John Campbell Medal in 2014, the Materials Australia Silver Medal in 2011, the Amercian Society of Metals Henry Marion Howe Medal in 2006 and the Magnesium Technology Award by TMS in 2003.

Professor St John is a graduate of The University of Queensland (UQ) with a BSc(Hons) and PhD in Physical Metallurgy. He has held appointments in Canada, RMIT University and CRA-Advanced Technical Development in Perth as well as a long association with UQ. From 1994 to 2008 he was with the CAST Cooperative Research Centre becoming CEO from August 2002 until 2008. He led the successful bid for the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) in 2008 and initiated the Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM) at UQ in 2009. He also successfully led an application to the Queensland State Government to fund a new building to house AMPAM which led to a further application to the Australian Federal Government for additional funding to construct the Advanced Engineering Building (AEB). He was then Chair of the Project Control Group for the construction of the AEB which was completed in 2013.

Prof St John has made a significant contribution to developing research partnerships with industry and obtaining financial support for research and education facilities (totalling more than AUD$300 million). This includes, since 2003, $130 million for the new Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland, about $70 million for industry-research partnerships such as the CAST CRC and the Defence Materials Technology Centre, and over $1 million for competitive research funding including several ARC grants. Current industry partners include Cook Medical, Bluescope Steel, Nihon Superior and Baosteel.