Researcher biography

Associate Professor Aminossadati completed BEng in 1989, MEng in 1994 and PhD in 1999 in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He now puts his expertise to use as an educator and researcher in the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering of the University of Queensland. He has more than 20 years of academic and industry experience and published more than 150 highly ranked Journal and conference papers. associate Professor Aminossadati has gained international recognition for his work on underground mine ventilation and monitoring. He has established the first Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Laboratory and the first Fibre-optic Sensing Application Laboratory at The University of Queensland. He has more than 6 years research and experience on the application of fibre sensors in mining and collaborates with a number of national and international institutes in this field. He uses his close relation with mining industry to introduce new technologies in this industry.