Speaker: Tanveer Hussain

Abstract: Hydrogen (H2) is considered an ideal alternative to the depleting fossil fuels due to high energy density with no harmful effects on the environment. However, an efficient way of storing H2 is the main obstacle. Conventional technologies, such as high-pressure H2 storage and liquefaction, operate at very high pressure or too low temperature, respectively, which are unsuitable for the onboard applications in vehicles. Solid-state H2 storage systems could be an effective and safe alternative. Two-dimensional (2D) materials have been studied extensively for H2 storage applications in different morphologies. Here, based on atomistic simulations, I will describe the potential of novel 2D materials, Carbon Ene-Yne (CEY) and Siligraphene (SiC8), monolayers decorated with light metals for their application in H2 storage. Both the materials bind H2 molecules under practical working conditions. It was found that both the monolayers store large amount of H2 efficiently and surpass the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2025 targets.


84A-304 - Therapies Annexe and online via Zoom
Zoom Meeting ID: 848 4651 5240