The Mysterious Island: The Rise of Hydrogen Technologies in Japan

Fri 14 Oct 2022 11:00am12:00pm


Advanced Engineering Building
Auditorium (49)
UQ, St Lucia
Room 200

SpeakerStephen Lyth 

Japan has been at the forefront of hydrogen energy research for decades. In this lecture I will introduce the concept of the hydrogen economy and how it can help improve air quality or mitigate climate change. I will explain how hydrogen is produced, how it can be stored and transported, and how it is used in fuel cells, with specific examples technologies already being used today in Japan. Finally, I will discuss my research on the application of sustainable materials in hydrogen and fuel cell related technologies.  In particular, I will focus on hydrogen storage materials and the use of machine learning to predict the hydrogen uptake properties of new materials.


Alexander Klimenko
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