Researcher biography

Dr Hooman completed his PhD at UQ, for which he received a Dean's Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence and an Emerald Engineering Award (Outstanding Doctoral Research). He is a T&R academic staff within the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering. Dr Hooman's research interests are in Thermofluids and Energy. He was named Australia's Research Field Leader in Thermal Sciences in 2019.

He is the QGECE Director (Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence; and has a strong research record in the field of heat transfer and energy. He is recognised worldwide for his work on heat exchangers, which are essential technology for power generation and energy management.

He has pioneered the use of metal foams in fuel cells, supercritical heat exchangers for geo/solar thermal power plants and scaling of natural draft dry cooling towers. Kamel has attracted in excess of $4m of external funding and has contributed to the winning of grants overseas as a PI or a Visiting Professor/Fellow.

Areas of research