Are you a postgraduate research student within the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering?

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3. iThenticate Originality Report

The School uses iThenticate (accessed using your student credentials) to assess academic integrity. You must submit your Confirmation Report to iThenticate at least two weeks prior to your milestone committee meeting. iThenticate will generate a Similarity Report for your submission that must be provided to your committee members for review. If your committee members have any concerns regarding academic misconduct , this will be referred to the School's Academic Integrity Officer for consideration. If this occurs, your milestone committee meeting will not take place until the investigation by the Academic Integrity Officer is complete.

You can upload your report to iThenticate multiple times before your milestone is due and use the Similarity Report (that will refresh with each submission) as a tool to assess any potential academic integrity issues prior to your milestone. Your Similarity Report should be circulated to your milestone committee along with your Thesis Development Plan two weeks prior to your Confirmation meeting.

For more information please refer to the iThenticate FAQs and access the UQ iThenticate user guide.