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2. Committee Members

The Review Committee is comprised of:

  • the Chair of Review Committee;
  • your Advisory Team;
  • at least one member of staff who is not a member of the Advisory Team and who has expertise in the general area of the thesis project;
  • any optional members - including other academics who are interested in your chosen topic, or a representative student member.

The Chair of Review Committee is nominated by the Postgraduate Coordinator. This is sent to you in your Confirmation reminder email. The Chair of your Review Committee will be a part of all three milestones and will also act as the Chair of Examiners for your thesis examination. The Chair is the Head of School's representative on the Committee and is responsible for assuring proper standards are met.

*Note that it is the responsibility of you and your Advisory Team to arrange an appropriate date and time for your milestone to take place and invite all of your committee members to attend.